Self-teaching School

  • The idea for this is based on the self-teaching programming school I set up around 2003, but generalized for multiple subjects, and set up so it can be community-run.
  • What we want is to be a player in the online education market, but focused on helping “guilds” create guided self-teaching “courses” that users can follow to teach themselves, and to aid groups in organizing curated links and media to help users teach (and evaluate) themselves.
  • Also needs to include facilities to help guild experts to advise/grade users, serving loosely as teachers.
  • It should include lots of support for motivational features that help encourage self-learning students to progress (badges, awards, ladders of assignments, certificates, etc.).
  • Might also include a job-board type thing where we could help students get jobs by connecting them with potential employers, or helping them create cv pages, etc.